Keith Mitchell Photography: Blog en-us (C) Keith Mitchell Photography [email protected] (Keith Mitchell Photography) Fri, 29 May 2020 07:54:00 GMT Fri, 29 May 2020 07:54:00 GMT Keith Mitchell Photography: Blog 120 78 New professional monitor Well my old Samsung monitor has died so I thought I would up my game for editing for print and video work so I have a new addition to the office and very impressive it is.

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Video and post production Dedicated to Video production, equipment, software and information.

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Art Edits Some of my art editing page


I hope you enjoy what I enjoy in the creationArt editsDigital Art Digital Art

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Photoshop training As my Photoshop training has gone online due to the pandemic, I am available for web based training via Zoom

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Looking forward to some creative portraits Studio shootsLooking forward to getting behind the camera

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One to One Photoshop or Studio training I am available for one to one 

Adobe Photoshop

Studio lighting with a model

Mobile workshops for groups

contact me on 07720212661 for more details

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Beauty lighting master class at Solo studio My next lighting workshop is Beauty lighting master class at Solo Studio Wigston, Leicester.

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New social Media site MeWEMeWe

I thinks its going to be useful for people that hate FB's Nanny state and as a network is a sum total of its members much the same as a model & photography site. The more people that find a use for it the more it works.

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Lots been happening this year Sorry its been so long since I updated my site but things have been very busy with lots of ideas and plans.

This year I have been concentrating on location lighting working with a fab team down south called Portrait X which has been lots of fun.

I was thrilled to work with Kathleen Guérisse dress designs that are beautiful and managed to get 8 lovely models to take part in my shoots which I have just posted some images in the gallery

Other ventures are Sensual Boudoir which as the name suggests is fine art boudoir photography which I will be working more on next year with a new team.

I have also been covering sporting events, supplying video & photo content, one to one tutoring and engagement shoots which have all been great fun.

My workshops and shoots have continued throughout 2017 and I will build on the successes for 2018 with lots of new projects I am looking forward to.

So keep an eye out on my pages, groups, Instagram, twitter and purpleport where I post information which may be of interest.

I have another workshop of 2017 on October 28th which is a Beauty lighting master class at Solo studio in Leicester   so if you are interested get in quick as its nearly sold out.

I will be giving the whole web page a full makeover with fab new images and ideas :D






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New website day 2 Well the task continues as I add relevant images to the work I enjoy and do. I have also included a links page that will continue to grow as I include the people I endorse and like to work with.

If there is anything that you can recommend that will improve the site then feel free to let me know :D

I shall be including Customer galleries which will be passworded to keep them private so people can order through the site rather than social media

All my Images are for sale in various sizes and a framing service is available. Photo Books can also be ordered in various sizes of your favourites of my work or your images that I have taken.

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New Website Well after much deliberation I have started a new website that will fulfil my needs as a professional photographer.

The big problem with the old one is that it is flash based and will not display properly on Apple products such as iPads and iPhones :(

Also I wanted to keep some of my images private as the content is 18+ and as most of my more adult portfolio is not for public access on Purpleport I thought my website should be the same.

Last year was a mixed bag with good bits and bad bits and lots of lessons learnt so nothing is totally wasted and I have several plans I am going to run with that I am excited about.

I shall be continuing with my tutoring in Studio lighting and photoshop that gives me a lot of pleasure plus I have been offered regular photography work which I very excited about. 

As the weather pics up I have several location plans that I did not get around too and new places that I have found over the winter.

One thing I do like is working on a collaboration with talented people such as MUA, designers and Milliners which so more of these are on the cards for this year so I will be looking for suitable models for this, I have been spoil last year as I have worked with some lovely people which I hope will continue.

New models If you want a portfolio doing then you will find my rates are very good and as most people have found the images are a good investment as the will get you paid work.

I will also continue to endorse Models, Studios MUA, Designers, Milliners that I have enjoyed working with so that others will get the benefit of my experiences.

The Big One this year and I will not compromise on this one as I was annoyed about the fact I never rode my Harley last year as time was taken up with other things that amounted to nothing.

So if I say I'm busy enjoying myself with my Baby dont get offended ;)








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