I am interested in creating beautiful and emotive images of all types.

"Like most photographers, I have always enjoyed the challenges in photography, and all of which have taught me my craft.

I have tried lots of types of Photography and darkroom work over the years having an affinity with monochrome.

Once I understood what made a special image I then made it my goal to strive to achieve that special spark in my own images, like so many others I was inspired by the Photographic greats in the areas I was interested in such a Robert Mapplethorpe, Helmut Newton and many more that I found had the passion and emotion in their images.

For years I have dabbled in the accepted realms of Photography enjoying and getting pleasure from images I created till I moved back into Colour and had a love affaire with Underwater photography for 15 years which took over all my photography to the exclusion of everything else till the digital age, which was an exciting time where everything became possible.

As a professional photographer who works in all genres, such as Portfolios, Weddings, Portraiture, Fashion, Boudoir, Corporate, Architectural and events.

I also train photographers in Studio use, Landscape photography and Photoshop

So I hope you enjoy my work as much in the viewing as I do in the making.